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Funny Dumb Shit - Its a given, since numbers dont use up Skype credits. Monstrous frights meet hilarious reveals on this hidden-camera prank show as real people become the stars ...

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Sep 17, - Explore Huey's board "Dumb shit" on Pinterest. See more ideas about funny pictures, humor, bones funny. May 2, - Explore Nick Pinkston's board "Dumb shit and things that make me laugh" on Pinterest. See more ideas about laugh, i laughed, bones funny. Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Funny Dumb Shit Squad (@funnydumbshitsquad). Dumb Shit People Say At Work: Funny White Elephant Gag Gifts For Coworkers Going Away, Birthday, Retirees, Friends & Family | Secret Santa Gift Ideas For. Dumb Shit People say at Work: Really Funny Jokes For Adults Notebook paperback lined Pages 6 x 9 inches Perfect Funny Gag Gifts For Coworkers Going.

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See, rate and share the best dumb shit memes, gifs and funny pics. Memedroid: your daily dose of fun! My Fucking List of Dumb Shit: Bullet Grid Journal Bujo, Pages, Dot Grid, 6x9 for Adults Funny Cover Adult Humor by Journals, Fucking. dumbshitrandomdumbstupidcrackrandomthoughtsdumbnessmemesfunnywhatamidoingwithmylifeidkwhatimdoingwhyamidoingthisrantsidkanymoreidiotdumbassartbook. Follow. Click to Follow funny_dumb_shit. Funny Dumb Shit. @funny_dumb_shit. Tweeting the dumbest & funniest pics on the internet. Joined January Ms Stephanie Charles making beautiful look easy. Fellas down boy.. .. #FunnydumbshitSquad.. #stephaniecharles #actor #creator #picoftheday. Booktopia has Dumb Shit People Say at Work, Lined Notebook and Journal (Mint Cover), Funny Sarcastic Gag Gift for Coworkers and Colleagues by Snarky Cow. 18 Dumb But Funny Posts That I Feel Like An Idiot For Laughing At. I didn't want to laugh at any of That's four Bones. Fuck this shit.

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Fail, Funny, Stupid, Dumb, Crazy. 27 3. failfunnydumbcrazy Cat, Funny, Stalker, Creeper, Goofy Face Shit Happens, Gone Stupid, Fun, Meadow. A rubbish truck! Stupid Knock Knock Jokes that Kids Will Love. Dads may be good at telling funny jokes, but they are not. Doing Dumb Shit Lyrics: O'Shea, O'Shea / Get your ass in here, boy / You hear me calling you? I started shaking and jimmy felt funny. #dumbshit. all memes video gifs pictures. K results found. people, dumbshit, feed, first, thing, morning, alreaby, aintrigrt. PersephoneUnderworldQ. Obviously we're all heartily sick of his shit now, especially now he's Not funny as the whole meltdown most definitely is (isn't?). Everyone loves a great knock-knock joke. Get creative with our hilarious knock-knock jokes that everyone can laugh at. always-funny jokes, pictures, and videos can induce mighty fits of laughter. If you're not careful, your coworkers, teachers, or even your dumb ol'.

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Key responsibilities will include; · Always act in a manner that seeks to enhance the safety culture and performance of GFA and ensures that the Vital Behaviours. Learn more about the role including reviews from current Bogger Operators, tasks and duties, how much Bogger Operators earn in your state, the skills. Reporting to the Supervisor: Underground Production, this role is responsible for, but not limited to, the watering down and bogging of development headings. The Underground Remote Bogger Operator shall report directly to the Underground Shift Supervisor and the primary role is to bog all development and production. Underground Bogger Operators are responsible for bogging development and production headings and stockpiles to trucks.

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Bogger Operators - Botswana - FIFO roster · Competitive nett remuneration packages · Employee incentives, benefits and rewards, including medical. As Bogger Operator, you will safely transport ore and waste throughout the underground operation at Mungari Gold Mine in Kalgoorlie, WA. Tele Remote Bogger Operator - Sukari, Egypt · Carry out loading and dumping cycles to and from development and production areas under tele remote control, in a. Servicing and maintaining underground mining plant equipment - Jumbo's, Boggers, Graders, and Loaders. This position is a permanent full-time position. Quick. Operation of underground tele remote loaders efficiently, safely, and competently to ensure maximum output and no damage. Remote bogging and transporting. Being a Bogger Operator is a very physically demanding job, like many positions on the mines sites. You need to operate heavy excavators in dark damp conditions. everyone? JOB TITLE: F ield Operator KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Ensure that all 30+ days ago. Driver Operation Officer-Part Time. HEETCH ·.

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Position Duties: Grab this opportunity to work with a reputable gold mine; Excellent daily rate on offer; Contract with view to permanent. Experience. 2 + years. Tele-Remote Bogger Operator · Automotive Call Centre Operators – WORK FROM HOME 40% · Remote Systems Operator · Underground Tele-remote Loader Operators · Cable. Bogger Operator Underground · Western Australia · Contract, Fly-In/Fly-Out, Casual, Subcontract, Permanent · $55 - $70 an hour · Duties. The Bogger Operator has the job of bogging heads and stopes after firing. The Bogger is the underground loader. Using different types of boggers either. Remote Bogger Operator · Actively promote safety culture and hazard awareness and ensure relevant mining and other statutory codes and regulations are in full. Core operational responsibilities will include: Ensuring jobs are programmed accurately, efficiently and effectively to meet production schedule. Utilising the. Tele-Remote Bogger Operator / Trainers. Job Location: Ahafo. Job Description. Established in , AUMS is a leader in providing a full suite of underground.

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A Bad Moms Christmas is one of those plot-by-numbers sit-com movies that tries hard perhaps too hard to reproduce the elements that made the earlier film successful. As such, it never strays far from its safe place and, although it offers oc Darren Aronofsky, who used the cheesiness of professional wrestling as the backdrop for a powerful, tragic character study, has moved behind the scenes of another kind of performance. One doesn't often think of ballet, with its graceful moves and u Arguably, the international fascination with the apocalypse has never been bigger than it is today, and it has resulted in films like Knowing, The Road, , and The Book of Eli arriving in theaters within a month window. The movies have differ However, while the dump-and-run approach utilized by 20th Century Fox in is not in evidence her With The Year-Old Virgin, Judd Apatow succeeded in an endeavor that foiled many of the more accomplished directors to precede him: the merging of the romantic comedy, a quintessential "female genre," with the raunchy comedy, a quintessential "ma Suddenly, it seems that every romantic comedy is using the "best friend" branch of the formula. There are no doubt sociological reasons for this perhaps having something to do with the increasing popularity of the "friend with benefits" a. One of the key aspects of any science fiction or fantasy saga is world or universe building. This process refers to the creation and development of the reality in which the story transpires. More than mere background, it informs plot development, c I believe in pain. I believe in fear.

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The film received mostly negative reviews from critics. The film received mostly positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success. The film was largely panned by critics upon release. Dylan Harper and Jamie Rellis are friends who do not want to become a couple. They believe that a casual physical relationship will not affect their friendship. However, with time, their genuine feelings for each other complicates matters for them. When Movies Starring Mila Kunis production of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet demands a ballerina who can portray both the pure White Swan and the dark sensual Black Swan, Nina is the first choice; however, she faces competition from Lily who is better suited to play the Black Swan. As she struggles to keep the role for herself, Nina loses her hold on reality and herself. Jupiter Jones works as a housekeeper at her neighbours place. Her Movies Starring Mila Kunis life changes one day when a genetically engineered ex-military hunter Caine Wise arrives to escort her to outer space.

The directorial debut from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is as deliciously salty as it is unexpectedly sweet. Little White Lies was established in as a bi-monthly print magazine committed to championing great movies and the talented people who make them. Reviews Features Get the mag Become a Member. Ted By Adam Woodward. Black Swan By Matt Bochenski. Sign up to our weekly newsletter. Reviews Features Interviews Podcast. Subscribe to the LWLies newsletter. About Little White Lies Little White Lies was established in as a bi-monthly print magazine committed to championing great movies and the talented people who make them.

Land Diving on Pentecost Island: there are a hundred ways to kneel down and kiss the earth.

Created on April 13, The extreme ritual which inspired bungee jumping is very significant to the people of Vanatu. It includes teenage and adult men jumping off of up to a foot wooden tower aiming to land as close to the ground as possible without being fatally injured- with only two vines tied around their ankles to provide whem with any safety. The ritual requires very careful calculations, with the tower and vines accomedated to the diver's weight and made with only fresh-cut wood and sap-filled vines. Land diving originates back to a legend of a woman who ran away from her abusive husband who's name is thought to be "Tamalie". The woman climbed up a tree to escape and jumped off with only two vines tired around her ankles. The woman miraculously survived, however, Tamalie followed after and fell to his death. Pentecost islanders now believe that the tower they jump off of is a deity named after Tamalie, and that only men can participate in the ritual, lest Tamalie would be angered. Neubauer, Ian Lloyd. Land diving is a ritual for the harvest among the Vanatuans. The Islanders believe the productivity of the year's yam harvest depends on how high the men jump off during the months of April, May, or June - the months of the harvest. Yams are the most important crop to the pentecost islanders, and they believe that the more courage the divers have, the higher their crops will grow. Additionally, land diving has importance as it is a ritual representing one's enterance into manhood.

54 Vanuatu Land Diving Premium High Res Photos

This is Land diving, a ritual performed by the men of the southern part of Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. Men and boys jump off wooden towers around 20 to 30 meters 66 to 98 ft high, with two tree vines wrapped around the ankles. According the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the highest g-force experienced by any person through non-industrialized means. A villager cuts the vines from a diver after a successful jump. Myth claims that the tradition started thanks to the ingenuity of an aggrieved woman. Her husband was too vigorous regarding his sexual wants, so she ran away into the forest. In an effort to escape her husband, who continued to pursue her, she climbed a banyan tree. Still unable to shake him off, she tied lianas to her ankles and jumped and survived. Her husband jumped after her but failed to tie lianas to himself, which caused him to plummet to his death. This story seems a bit shaky, but some believe the men performed the original land diving to ward against such trickery.

The Harbin Y's approach to the runway unveils Mount Vulmat covered in dense jungle soaked by two days of heavy rain. And a tiny seaside made of black sand and pebbles Land Diving Ritual vegetation invades, almost reaching the blue water of the Pacific Ocean. When the plane comes to a standstill, a small crowd of ni-vanuatu Vanuatu inhabitants curious leave the shade of the trees and approach to greet Land Diving Ritual visitors. We are invited to register with the elders of Lonorore. Once the formality has been completed, we are free to explore the exotic coastline that hides the town. Gradually, more groups of natives arrive along Land Diving Ritual narrow path or along the beach. They too cluster around the barracks that serve the airport. Natives approach Lanorore from the coast with the neighboring island of Ambae in the background. It's only an hour before the ritual begins. The enclosure remains off-limits.

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Taking inspiration from traditional bikes and combining this with modern engineering, the Classic is an electric bike like no other. BLUEJAY PREMIERE EDITION ELECTRIC BIKE - CLASSIC BLACK ELECTRIC BIKE · Powerful Bafang W mid-drive torque sensor motor for a smooth ride, even uphill · Long-. Description. Model: Classic Low Step; Type: Urban folding electric bicycle; Warranty: 1 Year. Electronic Details: Motor. The newest in the EBC line-up and considered their "Economy" e-bike. This classic style electric cruiser is sure to get you pumped up about a new bike while. European e-bike maker Desikinio introduces the Classic, a retro-style e-bike with a focus on style and performance. The Favorite Hybrid is a class 3 E-bike capable of speeds up to 20mph with pedal assist and a range up to 50 miles. It has a lightweight aluminum frame with. Ride Bike Style has the largest inventory in Quebec. Discover our wide range of electric bikes: urban, all terrain, 4 seasons and a collection of "vintage.

The Munrojoy Retro Classic Electric Bicycle is available in the U.S. - it's named in honor of motorcycle speed hero Burt Munro of The World's. electric board track racer Motorized Bicycle, Custom Bicycle, Motor Scooters, Beach Cruiser, juicer e bike racer edition classic electric bikes. The Nakto Classic is an incredibly affordable entry level bike for riders who want the beach cruiser look and feel, but with that extra electric power push. Inspired by those long rides up and down the coast, this electric beach cruiser design will make your trip a breeze while riding in style. Raise your head and smile with an infectious smile. Live a retro adventure on a bike that looks just like an classic motorcycle.

Inseparable friend. Ideal both for the hectic pace of the city and for relaxing weekend excursions, the Classic E-bike Lady pedal-assist bike will become. A c aluminum frame commuter e-bike with modest components and rim brakes. Price: $ | Model Year: | A powerful motorcycle-inspired electric bike with sturdy color-matched skirted fenders and comfortable. But beneath that chill, easy-going exterior, there's a powerful road bike: the Interceptor is recognized as one of the most powerful electric bikes in the world. The Pedego City Commuter is a complete package. It has everything you could ever want in an e-bike, all in one place for a reasonable price. The Avenue empowers you to go farther and faster. The state-of-the-art watt motor achieves an ideal balance between power and efficiency. The high-tech battery. The Greenbike Classic LS folding electric city bike features a slim European design with convenient low-step. Get yours now here on Journey Bikes.

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AimsTo evaluate the safety, effectiveness, success rate and complications of needle knife precut papillotomy for inaccessible bile duct after failed. Background: Although needle knife precut papillotomy and needle knife fistulotomy have been considered useful alternatives for achieving. recurrent pancreatitis due to malformations, such as pancreas divisum, ERP and minor-papillotomy produced similar results to surgical treatment. papillotomy Cutting the sphincter of Oddi with the papillotom. It is performed with PAPILLO CUT mode which uses alternating cutting and coagulation current. The role of early endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and papillotomy in the treatment of patients who have acute biliary pancreatitis without. Indications for papillotomy were biliary calculi in 11 high-risk patients, in 6 cases calculi overlooked during bile duct surgery. In spite of the risk of precutting-related pancreatitis, precut papillotomy is a feasible and valuable technique for enhancing bile duct cannulation when.

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Showing 1 through 3 of 0 Related Papers. Skip to search form Skip to main content Skip to account menu. DOI: Our aim was to compare and evaluate the rates of success and complications of Pappilotomy precut papillotomy TPPP and the double-guidewire technique DGT Pappilotomy, both with Pappilotomy pancreatic stenting. View on PubMed. Save to Library Save. Create Alert Alert. Share This Paper. Background Citations. Methods Pappilotomy.

Squirrel ; Skills: Acrobatics +5, Perception +5, Stealth +4 ; Senses: darkvision 30 ft., passive Perception 15 ; Languages: – ; Challenge: 0 (10 XP). The squirrel has advantage on all wisdom checks related to their sense of smell. ACTIONS. Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Squirrels are mentioned in the players manual as possible pets for forest gnomes but I haven't found any official stats for squirrels anywhere. › wiki › Greater_Flying_Squirrel_(5e_Creature). Greater Flying Squirrel (5e Creature) When the squirrel flies, it cannot ascend, and descends 1 foot for every 5 feet it travels (5 feet for every

Cloak of Squirrels. Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement). This wool brocade cloak features a repeating pattern of squirrel heads and tree. At least she says its a rural catchphrase and not just a squirrel pun. Doen also really enjoys talking about and spending time with squirrels. This Role Playing Games item by TheGiantsTower has 24 favorites from Etsy shoppers. Ships from Malta. Listed on 08 Jan, Crazy Squirrel Games & Toys. N 1st St, About. Details. Dungeons and Dragons is a fun immersive story telling game where players take on the. (This is a homebrew race for my world of Corelad) TOSKR Sometimes simply referred to as "squirrelfolk," the toskr (pronounced toss-ker or. Dire Squirrel (e Monster) ; Small Animal · 1d8+1 (5 hp) · +5 · 30 feet (6 squares), climb 30 ft., glide 20 ft. 3 new support monsters for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons treants. Instead of goblins, the treant's got little, Intelligent squirrel.

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Unfortunately, pretty much all of the major summoning spells from 3. You call forth the spirit of 5e Squirrel construct. A permanent base is an obvious choice, though not the only one. When you cast the spell, choose Demon Summon Construct spells 5e Squirrel call forth the spirit of a construct. You summon one 5e Squirrel centipede. In 5E, the Find Familiar spell is a little more reasonable - a ritual spell taking an hour, it doesn't have the original limits or any limits on how often it can be cast. You call forth an undead spirit. You summon fey creatures that appear in unoccupied spaces that you can see within range. And unlike in some earlier versions, you select the specific 5e Squirrel your companion takes in 5E, from a list of "bat, cat, crab, frog toadhawk, lizard, octopus, owl, poisonous snake, fish quipper. They are sometimes called to the surface to sow chaos and destruction.