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The Eerie Glow Of Blue Ghost Fireflies

They are soft-bodied beetles commonly called fireflies, lightning bugs, or glowworms for their conspicuous production of light, mainly during twilight, to attract mates. If it's tiny, winged, and flashing in your backyard, it might be a firefly—but it might not. Other species of bugs also glow and use bioluminescence to. Each species of firefly emits light with different colors, durations, and frequencies. Female Lampyris noctiluca, or glowworm fireflies. Read these 6 interesting fun facts about lightning bugs (aka fireflies), The light that fireflies produce may be green, yellow or orange in color. Light flashing in fireflies reaches heightened activity during the insects' breeding season, which starts at the end of the summer and closes at the.

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Sparks in the Night: Fireflies and tips on conserving them

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Fireflies, also known as lightning bugs, are the enchanting insects whose bioluminescent abdomens glow at night. A nostalgic symbol of summer in rural North America, these bugs are actually found all over the Colorful flashing bugs — South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia — wherever there's a river, swamp, pond, marsh, or any Colorful flashing bugs sort of standing water. And while they are widely admired for their unique, lantern-like ability, most people aren't aware of the complex processes that allow them to twinkle. Learn how they glow, why the species is Colorful flashing bugs, and more. Contrary to what their name suggests, lightning bugs don't belong to the same family as flies. Rather, they're nocturnal members Colorful flashing bugs the family Lampyridaewithin the order Coleopterawhich also contains ladybugs, emerald ash borers, and boll weevils. Simply put, fireflies are soft-bodied, winged beetles. The family name, Lampyridae — which also happens to be the insect's scientific name — even comes from the Greek word " lampein ," meaning "to shine. Luciferin is an enzyme inside the firefly's abdomen and tail area that, when combined with oxygen, calcium, and adenosine triphosphate, creates light. All this Colorful flashing bugs in the insect's "glow organ," located in the last two or three abdominal segments, and can be controlled by the firefly.

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Eyder Peralta. South African Pop much of the world, house music has already had its day — but in South Africa, it is pop music. Here's why this musical genre has remained king. If you travel to South Africa, you will hear house music, and you'll hear different versions of it in every corner of the country like amapiano, it's the latest subgenre to take over the country. I've heard South Africans pouring their hearts out at clubs, in cars. I've even heard this song played by the traditional marimba guys on street corners. It's a lover asking for forgiveness, and it's a perfect specimen of amapiano - smooth, chill house beats that build into the genre's signature log drums. PERALTA: Amapiano has gained in popularity in the past couple of years, but those house beats have been a mainstay here since the South African Pop of apartheid in the early '90s. He says right as the push to free Nelson Mandela reached a fever pitch, protest music dominated. But when liberation came inthe taverns in the townships began importing house music from Chicago, where the music originated. Well, South African Pop, that music, it's a spiritual thing. So therefore, I think the South African Pop which was coming out was talking to us.

23 Songs to Add to Your Freedom Day Playlist, According to Global Citizen’s South Africa Team

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When we think of pop culture, we think of Hollywood and the music industry, but there is a global Afro-pop culture movement. The African continent is home to some of the world's most vibrant and progressive music scenes. Yet, despite this, most of the continent remains under-celebrated by global audiences. Afro-pop culture is a force to reckon with, with Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana leading the pack. Afro-pop culture has become a global phenomenon as we speak. It's not only about music, but also food and fashion. With globally acclaimed brands like Bbnaija and Nollywood, and global superstars like Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido, Nigeria shines brightest. Nigeria also leads in;. Rap artists like Vector, Efya, and Patoranking are household names worldwide. But behind every Nigerian star, there is a story that can inspire millions worldwide. The Afro-pop culture is taking over the world, with artists such as Wizkid, Master KG, Burna Boy, and Sauti Sol making moves to create a powerful presence on an international level.

Afrobeats Mix 2022 - Top Afrobeats Mix Collection 2022 - Joeboy, Fireboy DML, Harmonize

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Movie Review: Serendipity

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Byrne Piven, 72; Influential Acting Teacher, Director

Cusack played the love interest to Ryan's Anastasia in the film of the Jeremy Piven's parents ran a theatre workshop in Illinois. Shop for the best john cusack from our collection of exclusive, Serendipity Movie Signed Script Autographed: John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Piven. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale believe everything happens for a reason in this John CusackKate BeckinsaleMolly ShannonJeremy PivenJohn CorbettBridget. “I love John Cusack! Live”) and Cusack enlists Dean (Jeremy Piven, who struck a nice chemistry with Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank). TV's taking that space film used to, and I love the idea of giving a film directly to audience. I'm going to do that soon with a small film I made call.

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Serendipity (United States, 2001)

Serendipity - ‘Old Spice’ (HD) - John Cusack, Jeremy Piven - MIRAMAX

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As an Asian American man, the dating world made me feel invisible

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An Asian fetish is a strong sexual preference for people of Asian descent or heritage. The term generally refers to people of East or Southeast Asian descent, [1] though may also include those of South Asian descent. The derogatory term yellow fever is sometimes used to describe the fetishisation of East Asians by people of other ethnicities, especially among non-Asians, as well as having a preference for dating people of East Asian origin. In the United States, women of primarily East Asian and Southeast Asian to a lesser extent origin and or descent are most commonly misrepresented through stereotypes as subservient, passive, mysterious, villainous in nature, and hyper-sexual. The oversimplification of these cultures portray homogenous versions of these groups. Such stereotypes are widely accepted as the driving factor behind the fetishization of Asian women in the West. Though there is no single origin for Asian fetish, the corresponding stereotypes of Asian women emerged in the s due to the increasing levels of Western imperialism in Asia throughout the century. It is important to uncover the history of these cultural misrepresentations and their relationship to pop culture in order to begin to examine the subsequent implications of potential misrepresentations in the 21st century. Harmful stereotypes of Asian women in America influenced the first U. These women were feared to lack moral character, were assumed to engage in prostitution, and spread sexually transmitted diseases to white men. At the same time, the coercive opening of treaty port cities in China, Japan, and Korea as a result of Western imperialism created a trade route to feed demand for Oriental art and collectibles, which often depicted sexualized geishas. In Cornel West's book, Race Matters , he describes the flaws of American society and its roots in historical inequalities and longstanding cultural stereotypes. In terms of Asian Americans, he states that their negative depiction continued through the nineteenth century as a yo-yo effect from "bad" to "good" to "bad" depending on the political climate at that time. The increase of Western power and presence in Asia also spawned well-known works of art that contributed to the depiction of Asian women as simultaneously innocent and over sexualized. The semi-autobiographical story of a naval officer stationed in Nagasaki depicts his temporary Japanese wife as a dainty plaything to be acquired like a prized object.